Donnerstag, 20. Dezember 2012

Selfmade: Christmas cookies

Good evening readers,

christmas is so near and I baked some christmas cookies. I love baking and making cookies for christmas in one of the best things during the christmas time. :) And I do this every year, I can't remember a year without baking cookies.

I made normal cookies with sugar pearls and sugar icing in shape of stars, hearts, christmas trees and more. And I made some coconut macaroons, which I really like, they always taste so good.

How about you? Do you like baking cookies during the christmas time?

Only four days until christmas... I'm very excited to have a lovely evening with my boyfriend and to see my family and my friends again. :) <3


PS: I'm thinking about changing my the language of my blog and write my future entries in german, but I'm not sure. 

Do you prefer reading english posts or would it be better, if I would write in german? What do you think?

Sonntag, 16. Dezember 2012

Going out: Casual outfit & first video on YouTube

Hello lovely readers,

I wish you all a nice third advent and hope you had a relaxing sunday. :) 
I still needed the weekend to cure my illness. I'm coughing so much but it gets better slowly. I hope I'll be fine next weekend. 

Anyway, yesterday I visited the our local Animexx meet up with my boyfriend a fellow student and her boyfriend. It was a nice day, we talked, ate cake and played DanceDanceRevolution.
I wore a simple casual Lolita outfit, something to feel comfortable in.

Outfit rundown: 
Headbow: Metamorphose
Cutsew: Camelie Fiolère
Skirt: Baby the Stars shine bright
Tights: Deichmann
Legwarmers: Offbrand
Shoes: Secret Shop

And I made my first video on YouTube today. I found the "Lolita Tag" video by JuliObscure and also watched Laura von Krone's "Lolita Tag" video. I liked it a lot and so I decided to make my own "Lolita Tag" video. 
I talked in german, because I felt more comfortable that way. ^^' (Maybe some of my future videos will be in english, too.) It was a lot of fun and I think I'll make more video in the future. But here is my first one:

I hope you like it. :)
That's it for today. Everyone have a nice evening!


Donnerstag, 13. Dezember 2012

My "Two Meet ups on one weekend"-Weekend

 Good evening readers,

before I start, I want to thank my new followers to follow me. :) I hope my posts will be interesting for you.

And now to my new entry:
Yeah, a very strange title, but it describes my last weekend very good. I visited two Lolita meet ups, one on saturday and one on sunday. Normally I only go on one meet up per weekend, because Lolita can sometimes very stressful, but this time I was just too excited to cancel one of the meet ups. 

1st Meet up:
The first meet up on saturday was in Bremen, the Lolitas from Bremen (and around) are my "homies" (that's the best way to say x'D). I always love to visit them and I love the meet ups in Bremen. Now that I'm living in Braunschweig I'm not able to visit them as often as I wanted. 
Anyway, this time I made it and it was a very nice saturday - my best friend and I did a Twin-Outfit in Sweet Lolita combined with Military style.
After we ate in a café we did a secret santa and I got so much pretty stuff. We also found time to make lovely pictures (but it was so cold... ><).
- Our group - 
- Our group making funny poses - 

- All the derps with Kira and my boyfriend <3 -
2nd Meet up:
The second meet up was on sunday in Hannover. I met a lot of new nice girls and had a good day. We visited a museum, because there should be an exhibition about manga, unfortunately there were not much about manga. After that we went to a café and also did a secret santa, this time I got a lovely necklace. It was too cold to make lots of photos, so we only made a few.

- Our group -
- My outfit that day -
Both meet ups were great and I hope there will be more meet ups in the future. I always love to go out wearing Lolita.


Mittwoch, 28. November 2012

First Lolita meet up in brunswick

Good evening readers,

last weekend on saturday was the first Lolita meet up in brunswick, which was planned by me. I know there are meet ups in and around Hannover, but Braunschweig is a beautiful city and I think it needs more Lolita action. So here we go! We only were four people: my sister Hanabi, Silvery-dark from the Lolita community 'Dunkelsüß', my boyfriend as photographer and myself. 

We started with taking lots of photos, luckily the weather was fine, a bit cold, but no rain. We met two photographers during our photo shoot. They also took pretty pictures of us, it was such a surprise, because I never experienced this on a meet up before. After taking photos we went to a nice café called 'Haertle', the cake was very delicious and my boyfriend just ate three (!!) pieces of cake. x'D

I was very happy after the meet up, because everything went well and we had a very nice day.
Now here are some pictures:
- Our group: Hanabi, Silvery-dark and me (from right to left) -

My outfit rundown:
Headdress: Innocent World & Bijou Brigitte
Blouse: Innocent World
Skirt: Bodyline
Tights: Offbrand
Shoes: Deichmann
Jewelry: S I X, Claire's and Bijou Britte

And here's a video made by my sister Hanabi with scenes and photos from the meet up. I think she did a great job with that video, I really love it! <3
I hope you like it, too. Please take a look:

See you next entry!
PS: A special picture today - Our table in the café -

Sonntag, 11. November 2012

Sweet Lolita Outfit: Jewelry Jelly shopping day

Good evening readers,

yesterday my boyfriend and I wanted to visit the local Anime and Manga meeting in our city. So I dressed myself up (I decided to wear my 'Jewelry Jelly' Onepiece from Angelic Pretty), but when I was ready, my boyfriend told me that he wanted to go to the city for a little shopping first - it was my plan, too. 

In the end, we haven't been to the Anime and Manga meeting, because we spent out whole day walking through the city with a little bit shopping. ^^'
It was the first time I walked alone (just with my boyfriend) dressed up in Lolita. But I felt very good, I was confindent enough and I think I'll wear more Lolita on 'normal' days - I mean I'll not wear it only for meet ups. 

So, here are some pictures of my outfit yesterday. I finally wore my dream dress! <3

And a special picture. My boyfriend and me standing in an elevator from MediaMarkt (a shop for DVDs, Games, technology stuff and so on). ;)
That's it for today. ~
Yours Zhenya

Freitag, 9. November 2012

Very late Halloween post

Hello readers,
yes, I know... Halloween is over know, but I haven't had the time to write about my outfits before. >_<'' So here it is: My very late post about Halloween.

At first something about accessories, the shop Claire's had so much pretty cool Halloween-themed things. I went there and bought some nice pieces:

I really love these pieces and they fit the 'Creepy & Cute' style very good. - Besides, I reaaallyyy love the 'Creepy & Cutre' style, I'm trying to add it to my everyday fashion. 

But now to my outfits. We had a small Lolita tea party on the 27th october, it was a Halloween tea party and I wore my Aatp "Black Cat, Witch and the apple tree" JSK again. And here are pictures of my outfit that day:
- With my sister on the left -
On the 31st october me and my boyfriend had a small halloween meet up with one of my fellow students and her boyfriend. We four went to the cinema and watched the movie "Hotel Transsilvania". It was very cute and funny. After that we went to the city, but there were no other halloween people, so we ended up drinking a bit with another fellow student. 
Next year we want to make a bigger and better Halloween party! :)

My outfit that day was not a costume, more Lolita inspired with my accessoires, bought at Claire's. My fellow student wore black clothes and added some blood. We both weren't that dark... ^^' but we had fun. Here are two pictures:

That was it for halloween this year. I hope next year will be bigger and darker. :3


Donnerstag, 11. Oktober 2012

New Lolita skirt: "Alice's secret key" by Baby the Stars shine bright

Dear followers,

today I received my "Alice's secret key" skirt, which I'd shown you before here (see here). On my way home I went to the post office and got my skirt in a package. 
The sender left a very cute message on the packaging of my skirt. :)
And now on to my skirt, here it is (finally unpacked):

The print is much prettier in real life, I really like all the details and the rough fabric is great. It's something different comapared to the fabrics other dresses and skirts are made off. 
Maybe it'll look better completely combinated with black, but this was just a fast try-on. I really like the skirt and the print is awesome! <3
I can't wait to wear it! :D


Dienstag, 25. September 2012

Lolita Outfit: Miracle Candy

So in my first entry I've shown you a little candy hairclip, which I made and I told you that I'm going to wear this on a meeting. 

Here is a pciture of my outfit together with the hairclip:

The picture is from my mobile phone, so it's a bit small. Here's a bigger photo of the complete outfit:
Picture taken by my boyfriend
The light was very bad, but I hope you can see my outfit. I think the hairclip fits very good and I hope I'll wear it again to make better pcitures with it. ^^;


Freitag, 21. September 2012

Selfmade: Candy Lolita Hairclip

Hello followers,
this blog is for showing some fashion, interests and many more... in this case: handicrafts!

I'm a cosplay girl and I love to do create things by myself, also for lolita fashion. And this time I made a candy hairclip (it should fit my Miracle Candy JSK from Angelic Pretty). :)

So, enough with talking here are some pictures of what I made:

- Some of my decoration "candys" during the painting progress. -
- Glueing the "candy" on a dish made of thick paper. -
I used acrylic colors and water colors & Added some glitter and laquer. -

- I added a black bow and a hair-clip -

- And done! -

Tomorrow is a meeting from the people of our internet community "Animexx" and I hope I can wear the hairclip with the fitting outfit. I'll post some pictures if we make some.
I hope you like my hairclip, it's the first time I made such a thing and it's not perfect. But I'm satisfied with it and I hope it'll work with my planned outfit.