Sonntag, 16. Dezember 2012

Going out: Casual outfit & first video on YouTube

Hello lovely readers,

I wish you all a nice third advent and hope you had a relaxing sunday. :) 
I still needed the weekend to cure my illness. I'm coughing so much but it gets better slowly. I hope I'll be fine next weekend. 

Anyway, yesterday I visited the our local Animexx meet up with my boyfriend a fellow student and her boyfriend. It was a nice day, we talked, ate cake and played DanceDanceRevolution.
I wore a simple casual Lolita outfit, something to feel comfortable in.

Outfit rundown: 
Headbow: Metamorphose
Cutsew: Camelie Fiolère
Skirt: Baby the Stars shine bright
Tights: Deichmann
Legwarmers: Offbrand
Shoes: Secret Shop

And I made my first video on YouTube today. I found the "Lolita Tag" video by JuliObscure and also watched Laura von Krone's "Lolita Tag" video. I liked it a lot and so I decided to make my own "Lolita Tag" video. 
I talked in german, because I felt more comfortable that way. ^^' (Maybe some of my future videos will be in english, too.) It was a lot of fun and I think I'll make more video in the future. But here is my first one:

I hope you like it. :)
That's it for today. Everyone have a nice evening!



  1. Du schaust so hübsch aus und im Video wirkst du so niedlich! Ich hoffe du machst noch mehr davon!

    1. Dankeschön. Das freut mich sehr zu hören.
      Ich möchte auf jeden Fall noch etwas mehr davon machen.