Freitag, 25. Oktober 2013

FBM 2013: Finally wearing Lolita again!

Hello my lovely readers,

today I want to write a few words about the bookfair in Frankfurt, which was around two weeks ago. It was my first time at the FBM and I was a little bit amazed. I have been quite a few times at the bookfair in Leipzig (LBM), but the FBM is bigger and has such great places for taking pictures. Even the LBM has more anime/manga/comic stuff, the FBM has a pretty "cosplay corner" and also booths with anime/manga figures and more. Besides that great location I had a lot of fun and a good time with my friends Fuwari and Romy (and of course the others I spent the weekend with). :)

And of course I finally had a chance to wear lolita again! I decided to go with my beloved Wonder Story apron skirt. <3 It's been a long time since I wore Sweet Lolita, so at first I felt a little strange in it, but this feeling changend quickly and I was very happy wearing it. Unfortunately I haven't seen a lot lolitas. :( 
Anyway, here are a few pictures:

 (Pictures by Tom_Green, Aonir & Romy)

On FBM sunday I was part of a super cute Tamako Market cosplay group. Fot those who don't know what it is: Tamako Market is an anime by KyoAni with a group of sweet girls - check out this for more: Tamako Market. I was so happy beeing part of this group, we took a lot of pretty pictures, had fun and I got filmed for the first time by a videographer! *_* (Check out his YouTube Channel: MexxKite) The video isn't online yet, I'll show you, when it is. But I can show you some pictures of our cosplay group and my cosplay from sunday:

- The girls are: Fuwari as Kanna, Chikara-chan as Tamako, Romy as Midori and me as Shiori (from left to right) - 
(Pictures by Romy, Fuwari and Aryana)

I was so happy that I could be Shiori in this group and I hope to cosplay with this girls again someday. <3
In conclusion: My FBM was awesome! I hope I'll be able to be there next year again.

I wish you all a wonderful evening and a great weekend!


Donnerstag, 3. Oktober 2013

Connichi 2013: A convention with ups and downs (Picture heavy!)

Hello my lovely readers,

to my german readers: "I wish you all a very good day of german unity!" :) 
So, I have some muffins in the oven and I thought I could use this time to write an entry about this year's Connichi in Kassel (Germany). Fot those, who don't know, the Connichi is the biggest Anime/Manga and also japanese lifestyle convention in Germany.

I was very excited about it, because I've planned to wear one of my bigger cosplay dreams. But the two weeks before Connichi were suu~uuper stressful. x_X I had to finish two cosplays (one for my boyfriend and one for me) and I had no time for doing sports and so on. I was sewing almost 24 hours a day and had less sleep. I just hoped it will be worth it... but everything turned out differently.
First my cosplay plan for that weekend: Vivi Nefertari (One Piece) on friday, Female Hunter (Ragnarok Online) on saturday and Ingrid (Street Fighter) on sunday. Thankfully we could sleep at the place from a good friend of my boyfriend. She was so nice to us. :)

Friday was a more relaxing day. My Vivi cosplay was a chillin' version with a blue shirt and some shorts, only my wig was heavy and not that easy to wear. My boyfried wore his Ruffy cosplay (he was my cosplay partner the whole weekend x'D). On friday we saw our friends often and had the most fun. In retrospect, Friday was the best Connichi day. 
Here are some impressions:

 (Pictures by VH-Visions)

And then came saturday. I was so happy to finally wear my female Hunter cosplay, because I worked a lot for it. >_< I is bellyfree and I really hate my belly, but I gave my best to make it look... okay. x''D My Hunter and my boyfriends Ranger cosplay, both were hard work. But the weather on saturday was rainy, cold and I wasn't in a good mood. :( So in the end we don't have that much of pictures and our cosplays wasn't perfect. I noticed that I still need to improve some parts. Here are a few pictures:

 (Pictures by AFP, NightmareLuffy & VincetBär)

And then sunday, I wore Ingrid from Street Fighter again. She's still one of my favorite cosplays and very nice to wear. The weather was better again and my mood was also better. But I still felt a little sad, because saturday went so... wrong. Sunday was also the last day of the convention and on saturday and sunday I didn't see my friends that often. :( At least we have some very pretty pictures from sunday:

 (All pictures taken by the wonderful and talented Maria)

In conclusion: This Connichi was so full of ups and downs. I learned a lot about cosplay and friendship - and I hope next conventions will be better. One big thing this year was that I met Yaya Han! *_* She is one of my big cosplay idols and I got an photo with her and an autograph. And I saw a lot of friends during that weekend and also met new people. :) Not everything was bad. Maybe the future conventions will be with less bad moments and with more good moments! <3 I was so unhappy with myself as a cosplayer during Connichi, I hope I can change this next year and I hope I'll be happy again with myself in a cosplay.
 (Yaya Han and me)

I wish you all a nice evening! :D