Dienstag, 17. Februar 2015

Review: "Alice in Wonderland" book bag by Re-Style.pl

Hello my dearest readers,

today I have a new review for you. I bought the "Alice in Wonderland" book bag at Re-Style.pl, this is my second bag from this site (I also own the "Watch bag" in black, but the small version). Last week I saw an entry on Quini Maze's blog about the new book bag of Re-Style.pl and I fell directly in love with it. (Well, I already have so many bags, but I just love "Alice in Wonderland" stuff and combined with a book bag = PERFECTION! <3)

Link: Book Bag "Alice in Wonderland" - Black
Order date:
Order shipped on:

Order receivement: 17.02.2015
Shipping time:
4 working Days (sunday was in between)
Payment via:
Shipping via:

User surface of the site: 5/5
The site itself is constructed user-friendly: the article pictures are very good and the structure is clear. They have pictures of their products from alomost every site and well made categories. So, surfing and searching is easy on the site.
Contact: 4/5
The contact was great, right after I set my order I received a confirment e-mail and later more e-mails, that my article was packed and shipped. I only give a minus point, because I got no tracking number from the site itself. But they gave me an estimated delivery date. (I got the tracking number later from DHL itself per E-Mail.)
Article Quality: 5/5
The quality of the bag is awesome! The fabric (faux leather) is very thick and looks sturdy. The print on the bag is very well printed and I can see no mistakes. The attachements for the strap also seem stable. The closing device of the bag works very well, so you can walk around with it safely. The bag came with also three mini bags on the inner (one can be closed with a zipper). And the bag can be worn in two different ways.
Conclusion: 5/5
Overall I'm very happy with second bag from Re-Style.pl. It's bigger than my other two book bags and I bet it will look great with a Lolita outfit, but it's also wearable with a normal outfit. (I would definitly buy again from the site, they also have many other gorgeous items.)

 - The bag arrived packed in a jiffy bag -
- Out of the package it was wrapped in a plastic bag and silk paper -
- Unpacked bag (strap is not attached here) -
- Details -
- The inner of the bag (sorry for the bag pictures) -
- The bag worn (in two styles, but I prefer the first one) -

Bonus picture: My book bag family - the new member is the biggest:
 - (from left to right) Innocent World, Angelic Pretty & Re-Style.pl -

So, I hope you like my review. If you have any questions about the bag just feel free to aks me. 


Donnerstag, 12. Februar 2015

Daily Outfit: Busy days are busy

Hello my dearest readers,

I haven't written an entry since the beginning of january and now it's already middle of february. Ugh... I'm already so busy with university stuff and cosplay stuff for an upcoming convention in march. Also there was no Lolita related action since january, but there will be a meet up next weekend. :)

I just made some daily outfit pictures yesterday, so I can show you a normal outfit. I also changed my hairstyle on monday, I really like it and I'm thinking about going a few cm shorter again next time I visit the hairdresser. And I have a new pair of glasses since january - I like them so much, that I changed from someone, who does not like to wear glasses, to someone, who really likes to wear glasses. <3

Shirt: Vero Moda
Skirt: C&A
Leggins: Primark
Boots: Deichmann

So, a very unspecial entry this time just to let you know this blog is still alive. :)

Best wishes,