Donnerstag, 12. Februar 2015

Daily Outfit: Busy days are busy

Hello my dearest readers,

I haven't written an entry since the beginning of january and now it's already middle of february. Ugh... I'm already so busy with university stuff and cosplay stuff for an upcoming convention in march. Also there was no Lolita related action since january, but there will be a meet up next weekend. :)

I just made some daily outfit pictures yesterday, so I can show you a normal outfit. I also changed my hairstyle on monday, I really like it and I'm thinking about going a few cm shorter again next time I visit the hairdresser. And I have a new pair of glasses since january - I like them so much, that I changed from someone, who does not like to wear glasses, to someone, who really likes to wear glasses. <3

Shirt: Vero Moda
Skirt: C&A
Leggins: Primark
Boots: Deichmann

So, a very unspecial entry this time just to let you know this blog is still alive. :)

Best wishes,


  1. Ist die Concention zufällig die Leipziger Buchmesse? :)

    1. Ja, genau die. :) Bin drei Tage dort.

    2. Uii schön :) ich werde Samstag dort sein! Dann sieht man sich mal live :)

    3. Oh, das wäre cool! :)
      Was hast du an? Ich werde am Samstag im Cosplay als Ryuko Matoi aus Kill La Kill unterwegs sein.

    4. Ich gehe als Astrid von Drachenzähmen leicht gemacht. sollte man erkennen :)

    5. Ja klar. :) Teil 1 oder Teil 2?