Montag, 27. Oktober 2014

October 2014: Hannover Lolita Meet up

Good evening my dearest readers,

finally a new Lolita-related entry! //clap clap clap...
Anyway, I visited a local Lolita meet up in Hannover last saturday and the meet up was Fairytale/Halloween-themed so I took the chance and coordinated my beloved "Black Cat, Witch and the Apple Tree" by Alice and the Pirates. I made a fitting headbow (with small bats) for my outfit and although I got a cold, I was excited, because it's been a longer time since I've worn Lolita on a meet up. :)

The meet up itself was great! We ate at a Café called "Glücksmoment" (= Lucky moment). I got a carrot cake, which was a bit too sweet for my taste, but I got a super tasty Cake Pop and a Chai Latte with strawberry flavor. We also had a small tombola and I won a cute hairclip. *_*~
After that we went to the city park of Hannover and took photos - it was a bit cold, but I had so much fun wearing Lolita again and I'm really happy with the outcome of the pictures.

After the meet up I went to Primark and bought a moomin pajama - I just needed this! <3 (It's so comfy and perfect, when you're ill!)
So, the day was very nice! The meet up itself was well organized and all the girls were so friendly - I hope I have time for more Lolita meet ups during the next months.

And now a few pictures from saturday:

 - Mirror picture and selfie in the morning -
Headbow: selfmade
Blouse: Bodyline
Tights: Primark
Shoes: Deichmann
Bag: Re-Style
 - My carrot cake and the cake pop -

 - Our group picture: all looked so pretty and everyone had another theme in her outfit -

 - And some pictures of me! I love them all! The first two are taken by Torai and the others by my boyfriend -
- My boyfriend and me after the meet up (god... his derpy face xD) -

So this friday I'm invited to a Halloweenparty and I'm already so excited, because I love Halloween and I like my planned outfit (not Lolita) so far. 
How about you? Do you like Halloween?

Best wishes,

Sonntag, 5. Oktober 2014

Daily Outfit: Black is my favorite color

Hey my dearest readers,

today it's time for another daily outfit post. I visited my family in Oldenburg a week ago and I also found some time to take a few pictures with my sister. I also went shopping with my mother and got some new pieces perfect for autumn. Two of them are shown in this outfit and a love to wear a lot of black again lately. 

 Dress: H&M
Tights: Offbrand
Shoes: Deichmann
Bag: Mädchenwald
Necklace: NewYorker

I also got a new Lolita-thing in my mind and I hope I can manage it: I want to sew myself a dark Lolita dress out of black velvet. :) I think I'll share some progress here and fill this blog with some Lolita stuff again.

Best wishes and have a nice sunday,