Montag, 27. Januar 2014

Daily Outfit: "Battitude"

Hello my dear readers,

how are you these days?
It has gotten really cold in Germany and at snowed - I hope it will get warmer soon, because I'm absolutly not a winter person. >_<'
I hate that my outfits look more boring, because I want to feel warm and comfortable. Anyway, here is my todays outfit:

 T-Shirt: NewYorker
Cardigan: PROMOD
Shorts: NewYorker
Tights & Legwarmers: Offbrand
Boots: ABC Shoes
Necklace: Present by Berrii

This super cute T-Shirt is from NewYorker, it's a kitty with bat wings and long front teeth and it says "Battitude" - perfect to just bring a little fun into these grey winter days. Although my outfit is not very colorful. >_<''

I wish you all a nice start into the week and stay warm! :)


Montag, 13. Januar 2014

My Lolita wardrobe 2014

Hello my beloved readers,

since 2014 started everyone is posting their Lolita wardrobes again and I've seen a lot so far. I really like taking a look at the Lolita wardrobes from others, because I like to see what kind of style they collect. :) I decided to make a wardrobe post, too - compared to others I don't have such a big Lolita wardrobe, but I'm more the type of collecting things, which I really want. I rarely do spontaneous buys. And I buy things to keep them, I just sold a few Lolita things so far.

I also don't have that much space for my Lolita stuff. We have some kind of a working room - where I have my laptop, sewing machine and things like this - and in that room I keep most of my Lolita clothes. They are next to my and my boyfriends cosplay stuff:
I hope I'll be able to change this situation of my Lolita clothes someday, but I think it might only happen, when we are living in a bigger flat someday. I only keep my Lolita shoes and clothes in the working room, accessories like necklaces, bracelets and more are in another room, but it's not necessary to show them, because I won't list them here. ^^;

Now on to my wardrobe: 
Cutsews, blouses and cardigans
- Cutsews (from left to right): Angelic Pretty, Camelie Fiolère & Metamorphose -
- White/Cremé blouses: Innocent World, Bodyline & Innocent World -
- Black blouses & my only brown cardigan: Angelic Pretty, Bodyline & Bodyline -

One pieces and jumperskirts
- Sailor dresses: Metamorphose, Innocent World & Baby the stars shine bright -
- Classic dresses: both Innocent World -
- Gothic dresses: both Alice and the Pirates -
- Sweet dresses: all Angelic Pretty -
 Skirts (I don't wear skirts often, so I don't have much)
- Normal skirts: Baby the stars shine bright & Alice and the Pirates -
- High waist skirts: Bodyline & a self made one -
- Black hearts on the left (up to down): Bodyline & H&M, Book bags: Angelic Pretty & Innocent World, Red heart and star bag: H&M & an Angelic Pretty Replica, Clock bag: Jawbreaker -
- Hats: self made, Alice and the Pirates & a self made tricorn -
- Headbows and clips: upper line: all self made, second line: all Angelic Pretty, third line: golden Chocomint star clip, Angelic Pretty, Alice and the Pirates (with self made clips) & Innocent world -
 Socks and shoes
- Tights: black one with crosses (can't seen here) by Primark, Alice in wonderland tattoo tights bought on eBay, Socks: Alice and the Pirates, Angelic Pretty, Angelic Pretty, Innocent World, Innocent World & two offbrand short socks -
- Upper line: Deichmann, NewYorker, An-tai-nai, Baby the stars shine bright, Lower line: Secret Shop, Secret Shop, Bodyline, Offbrand Rocking Horses from eBay and black pumps by H&M -
So this is my Lolita wardrobe 2014, I have one item on the way and I think I still need a few more basics. I hope it's okay that I didn't show you my bloomers oder petticoats, but these are not that interesting. ^^'
How about you? Do you like looking at Lolita wardrobe posts? Or did you also made a wardrobe post (if yes, you could give me a link ^^)?

I wish you all a wonderful start into this new week!