Donnerstag, 28. Februar 2013

Daily Outfit: "Set the fire to the third bar"

Hello my lovely readers,

my last entry is almost ten days ago and this time I just have a short outfit post for you. :)
During the last few days I spent some time in my hometown, because it was my mothers birthday and my boyfriend had three free days. We just went a bit shopping, watched some movies, played some videogames and just relaxed. <3 It felt good, but now I have to do a lot again! >_<'

Hair roses: H&M
T-Shirt: H&M
Shirt: The Sting
Shorts: NewYorker
Tights: Müller
Legwarmers: H&M
Boots: NewYorker
Bag: Jawbreaker

This T-Shirt was love at first sight! I love every detail of it and I always wanted a T-Shirt like this, so I'm very happy that I found it! *^* I also really love the bag! It looks like a clock and I can wear it with my Lolita clothes, too. 

And now I want to present you the reason for this post title: A lovely song by Snow Patrol together with Martha Wainwright. It's called 'Set fire to the third bar' and I can't stop listening to it.


That's it for today! I wish you all a nice day! :)

Yours Zhenya

Montag, 18. Februar 2013

New Lolita dress: Chess Chocolate JSK ♡

Good evening lovely readers,

have you all survived the weekend well? My weekend was a mixture of so many feelings and I'm a bit happy that it is over know, because I had really bad moments. But I also enjoyed at weekend at my mom's place and the best thing is: I have a new Lolita dress! <3 I met the previous owner and collected it, so I had no mail charges.

I'm now a proudly owner of Angelic Pretty's 'Chess Chocolate' JSK:
- This is the version I got -
I'm so happy with it, because this was totally a dream dress ('Melty Chocolate' was my dream dress for a long time, but I think it changed now)!
The color combination is awesome, I always wanted a mint/brown dress and I really like the small golden details.

Here are my pictures of it:

It's so comfortable, fits perfect and I like the length (it's longer than my other Angelic Pretty dresses).
I still need a few things to make my coord perfect: I want to sew a fitting headbow and I need better socks.
(And I'm still unsure wether I like the jabot or not. x'D)

I'm going to wear the dress on LBM sunday in march. I'll be at the bookfair in Leipzig from friday until sunday, but on the other days I'm going to wear a cosplay. :) I hope my coord will be satisfying then.

Are you going the visit the LBM this year?

I wish you all a nice week!


Donnerstag, 14. Februar 2013

Selfmade: Valentine pastries ♥

Hello lovely readers,

I hope you all have a good day and of course a good Valentines Day. :) Well, I'm not thaaa~aat much into this day, but I used the time to bake a little bit. My boyfriend loves bakery products, cake and more - so what could I do better than bake for him? 

Here is what I made today: Chocolate-Marmelade Muffins (rose-shaped), a small heart-shaped 'Pirate-Cake' (my boyfriend likes Pirates x'D) and some Cake Pops, which I made for the first time.

(I hope my boyfriend will like all of them. ;) He's at work at the moment and will be at home in a few minutes.)

So, have you baked something for Valentines Day? I really enjoyed baking, I think I should do it more often - nothing tastes better than selfmade pastries. <3

So, everybody have a good evening!


Dienstag, 5. Februar 2013

Second Lolita Meet up in Brunswick

Hello my lovely readers,

how are you today?
I'm having my semster break, because my first semester is over and the second one is going to start on the 2nd April. But I can't be lazy... I have an assignment for university to do. It's my first one so I'm afraid... >_<'

Anyway, last saturday was the second Lolita meet up in Brunswick. Here was my entry for the first meet up -> Klicky! This time we were seven participants: four Lolitas and three boyfriends/friends. 
At first we visited the "Castle museum", unfortunately we weren't allowed to take pictures. :'( After that we went to the Café Haertle, we ate yummy cake and talked. Then we had some time to take a few pictures. 
But it was cold and windy outside... not the best weather for taking photos.
Although we had fun, the cake in the Café was great and we made a few pretty pictures... and I'm glad that my friends and my sister came to attend my organized meet up! :D <3

And now here are a few pictures and the video my sister made:

Headbow: Angelic Pretty
Onepiece:  Angelic Pretty
Cutsew/Cardigan:  Angelic Pretty
Socks:  Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Secret Shop
Accessoires: Swaroski, Bijou Brigitte & Offbrand

I want to show you my sisters' outfit too:
Blouse: VILA
Skirt: Self-made (I think she did a great job with that skirt!)
Socks: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: An*tai*nai

- Our group: Hanabi, Cyehra, me & Berrii -

- We did the "Koi carp" -
And here is the video:

I hope the next meet in Brunswick will be warmer and as great as it was this time. :)
I wish you all a nice evening and see you next entry!


PS: Also cake again! <3