Donnerstag, 28. Februar 2013

Daily Outfit: "Set the fire to the third bar"

Hello my lovely readers,

my last entry is almost ten days ago and this time I just have a short outfit post for you. :)
During the last few days I spent some time in my hometown, because it was my mothers birthday and my boyfriend had three free days. We just went a bit shopping, watched some movies, played some videogames and just relaxed. <3 It felt good, but now I have to do a lot again! >_<'

Hair roses: H&M
T-Shirt: H&M
Shirt: The Sting
Shorts: NewYorker
Tights: Müller
Legwarmers: H&M
Boots: NewYorker
Bag: Jawbreaker

This T-Shirt was love at first sight! I love every detail of it and I always wanted a T-Shirt like this, so I'm very happy that I found it! *^* I also really love the bag! It looks like a clock and I can wear it with my Lolita clothes, too. 

And now I want to present you the reason for this post title: A lovely song by Snow Patrol together with Martha Wainwright. It's called 'Set fire to the third bar' and I can't stop listening to it.


That's it for today! I wish you all a nice day! :)

Yours Zhenya


  1. Huhu^^

    Mir gefaellt das Outfit! Das steht dir gut.
    Ich finde ja die Tasche total genial!! *O*

    LG, Jade

  2. Cute outfit ^_^ the clock bag is absolutely adorable..nice blog I follow you now