Freitag, 22. März 2013

That was my LBM 2013

Hello my lovely readers,

now it's time for an entry about my days in Leipzig at the bookfair this year. First of all: it was a great weekend and I had three (almost four) amazing days in Leipzig. 
Thanks to all I've met at the LBM! And a big thanks to Sarah (Romy) and Jasmin (Fuwari), who were great flat-mates.

Last thursday my boyfriend, Sarah and I startet around 12 o'clock and drove to Leizipg. At first we went to our flat, it was already 3 pm, so there was not much time left for visiting the bookfair. But, after unpacked our bags in the flat, we took the train and went to the bookfair. 
We only had around two hours left and checked the things from the retailers in the Anime/Manga/Japan area. There were so many things and I love collecting pretty Anime/Manga figures. My boyfriend bought me a super cute Orihime Inoue (BLEACH) figure! *_*

Then friday! Finally wearing a cosplay again! I wore my Ranka Lee stage outfit (know as the 'Miss Macross' dress). We arrived before noon and it was so empty, so we used the time to take photos. The light was great and we made very pretty pictures. :)
The rest of the day we just walked around, met some friends and visited the retailers area again. 
In the evening finally my cosplay partner Saskia (Inulein) arrived, she made a Sheryl Nome cosplay. We had a little photoshoot again and I'm so happy with the pictures, that came out. *^*
Later we went to the main station and waited for Jasmin. Back in our flat we cooked noodles and watched TV.

- Me as Ranka with Saskia as Sheryl Picture by Kerstin -
Saturday was the day I most wated for, because I wore my new cosplay, my dream cosplay: Alice Liddell in her 'Silk Maiden' dress. This cosplay was hard work and I'm so happy that I could finally wear it. And I was so happy about the compliments I got for it! Thank you very much!
We spent the whole saturday in the main hall, because it was so full. We met a lot of friends and took pictures.
In the evening, after we changed into our normal clothes, we went to the city and at Pizza in a nice restaurant. :)

                                 - Pictures by Maria and by NightmareLuffy -

Sunday was the last day of the bookfair and I wore my 'Chess Chocolate' JSK, but unfortunately my wig did not what I wanted... and so I was very unhappy with my hairstyle. :(
Anyway, we used the time in the morning againg for a little photoshoot. And we went to the retailers area again. I bought myself a cute Sayaka Miki (Mahou shojo madoka magica) figure.
I met a lot of friends again and took some pictures with them. But I felt unhappy with me in Lolita that day, maybe conventions are better for cosplay. I'm not sure about this at the moment...
Around 4 pm we left the bookfair and started our tour back home.

- Maria and me, Picture by Binh -

- Picture by Jasmin -                   - Picture by my boyfriend -

It was a great LBM and I'm very excited about making new cosplays, I already have a lot of plans. :)
I'm so happy that I met a lot of friends. Well, the not everything was perfect, but I hope I can change these things, so that the next convention will be better. :)

If you are interested you can find all my pictures from the LBM here: --> Klick!

Have a nice evening and weekend!

Yours Zhenya


  1. Ich liebe dein neues Alice-Cos so sehr! <3<3<3
    Egal was du sagst, es ist einfach klasse! :)

  2. Ich hatte dich Sonntag gesehen, du sahst sehr hübsch aus x3

    1. Danke. ^^
      Ich hab dich leider gar nicht gesehen... :(

  3. hübsch wie immer :D ich wünschte ich hätte was selbst nähen angeht so ein händchen ><

    1. Dankeschön! :)
      Ach, ich nähe auch nicht immer alles perfekt. ^^'

  4. Ich glaub am letzten Tag eines Events ist man immer unglücklich mit irgendwas, einfach weil man doch irgendwie müde ist. Wenn irgendwas deiner Meinung nach nicht so gut geklappt hatte, dann hat man es deinem Outfit überhaupt nicht angemerkt: Es war klasse <3

    1. Dankeschön. Ja, an der Müdigkeit hat es sicher auch gelegene und ich fand es so hell am Sonntag... >_<'
      Aber es freut mich wirklich sehr zu hören, dass man es nicht so gesehen hat. <3