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New Year: Christmas, Lolita meet ups & Welcome 2015 (picture heavy)

Hello my dearest readers,

well, it's been a longer time since my last entry again and a lot of things happened. I just had no time to post something during the last weeks. >__<''

So, first of all: HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! ^_^/
I hope you had a great start into 2015 and maybe you're excited what this year will bring. I'm very excited and I also made some new years resolutions:

1. Be more positive
2. Eat clean and do more sports
3. Handle my time in a better way

I'll see, if can an do it and if I'll be able to stick to these resolutions! How about you? Do you have any new years resolutions?
My new years evening itself was great! Me and my boyfriend had a small party in our flat together with beloved friends and my mother. We ate tasty food, played games and just had fun! :) And so we all had a nice start into 2015!

And now back to the days around christmas:
It was planned to visit the Christmas Lolita meet up in Bremen, but I wasn't able to go there. Instead I visited the Christmas Lolita meet up in Hannover, which was one day later. The meet up itself was lovely and I had a lot of fun that day. I would like to show you some pictures, but I still don't have the pictures of the meet up. But I can show you my outfit: finally I managed a satisfying coord with my beloved Chess Chocolate! <3

 Outfit rundown:
Headbow: Angelic Pretty
Cutsew: Angelic Pretty
Dress: Angelic Pretty
Socks: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Bodyline
Accessories: Offbrand

Christmas itself was awesome! Well, I wasn't in christmas mood before it started, because the days before were more stressful than relaxing. But I had a lovely 24th december evening with my love and I got so awesome presents! ;////; <3 For example the artbook "Art of Alice: Madness returns", which is my favorite game!

On the 25th december we visited his parents, spent a nice day at their house with eating and relaxing and on the third day of christmas we drove to my hometown, where we visited my family. That meant again eating, relaxing, awesome christmas presents and I also met my beloved friend Berrii again! <3 We both had a small Lolita meet up with our boyfriends, we took some pretty pictures in a park (Damn!! It was so cold... x''D) and later we went to a Café. I was so happy to spent some time with her again! Here are a few pictures (yes, I was dressed up in Chess Chocolate again. ;3)

 - Pictures with Berrii and my outfit! -

On the 29th december we drove back to our flat and prepared everything for the new years evening.
I hope you all had a wonderful christmas time and a great new years evening! :D


PS: I also made a "Get ready with me" video again about my Chess Chocolate outfit:

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