Donnerstag, 13. Dezember 2012

My "Two Meet ups on one weekend"-Weekend

 Good evening readers,

before I start, I want to thank my new followers to follow me. :) I hope my posts will be interesting for you.

And now to my new entry:
Yeah, a very strange title, but it describes my last weekend very good. I visited two Lolita meet ups, one on saturday and one on sunday. Normally I only go on one meet up per weekend, because Lolita can sometimes very stressful, but this time I was just too excited to cancel one of the meet ups. 

1st Meet up:
The first meet up on saturday was in Bremen, the Lolitas from Bremen (and around) are my "homies" (that's the best way to say x'D). I always love to visit them and I love the meet ups in Bremen. Now that I'm living in Braunschweig I'm not able to visit them as often as I wanted. 
Anyway, this time I made it and it was a very nice saturday - my best friend and I did a Twin-Outfit in Sweet Lolita combined with Military style.
After we ate in a café we did a secret santa and I got so much pretty stuff. We also found time to make lovely pictures (but it was so cold... ><).
- Our group - 
- Our group making funny poses - 

- All the derps with Kira and my boyfriend <3 -
2nd Meet up:
The second meet up was on sunday in Hannover. I met a lot of new nice girls and had a good day. We visited a museum, because there should be an exhibition about manga, unfortunately there were not much about manga. After that we went to a café and also did a secret santa, this time I got a lovely necklace. It was too cold to make lots of photos, so we only made a few.

- Our group -
- My outfit that day -
Both meet ups were great and I hope there will be more meet ups in the future. I always love to go out wearing Lolita.


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