Mittwoch, 28. November 2012

First Lolita meet up in brunswick

Good evening readers,

last weekend on saturday was the first Lolita meet up in brunswick, which was planned by me. I know there are meet ups in and around Hannover, but Braunschweig is a beautiful city and I think it needs more Lolita action. So here we go! We only were four people: my sister Hanabi, Silvery-dark from the Lolita community 'Dunkelsüß', my boyfriend as photographer and myself. 

We started with taking lots of photos, luckily the weather was fine, a bit cold, but no rain. We met two photographers during our photo shoot. They also took pretty pictures of us, it was such a surprise, because I never experienced this on a meet up before. After taking photos we went to a nice café called 'Haertle', the cake was very delicious and my boyfriend just ate three (!!) pieces of cake. x'D

I was very happy after the meet up, because everything went well and we had a very nice day.
Now here are some pictures:
- Our group: Hanabi, Silvery-dark and me (from right to left) -

My outfit rundown:
Headdress: Innocent World & Bijou Brigitte
Blouse: Innocent World
Skirt: Bodyline
Tights: Offbrand
Shoes: Deichmann
Jewelry: S I X, Claire's and Bijou Britte

And here's a video made by my sister Hanabi with scenes and photos from the meet up. I think she did a great job with that video, I really love it! <3
I hope you like it, too. Please take a look:

See you next entry!
PS: A special picture today - Our table in the café -


  1. Nächstes mal bin ich hoffentlich mit dabei :3 Würd gerne mal richtig in die Loliszene reinschnuppern <3

  2. Das würde mich sehr freuen. ^^<3
    Das nächste Treffen werde ich erst im neuen Jahr ansetzen, vorher ist einfach alles auch zu voll und zu viel los.

  3. sehr hübsch <3
    freut mich dass ihr so ein tolles Treffen hattet, trotz so weniger Leute =D

    1. Dankeschön. :) <3
      Ja, ich hoffe einfach, das beim nächsten Mal dann ein paar mehr kommen. ^^

  4. das nächste mal versuche ich auch dabei zu sein :D

    tolles outfit und der rockvon bl ist n traum *A*

    1. Dankeschön. ^^

      Jaaa, sehr gerne. :) Ich werd im Zirkel bald mal einen nächsten Termin ansprechen.