Freitag, 9. November 2012

Very late Halloween post

Hello readers,
yes, I know... Halloween is over know, but I haven't had the time to write about my outfits before. >_<'' So here it is: My very late post about Halloween.

At first something about accessories, the shop Claire's had so much pretty cool Halloween-themed things. I went there and bought some nice pieces:

I really love these pieces and they fit the 'Creepy & Cute' style very good. - Besides, I reaaallyyy love the 'Creepy & Cutre' style, I'm trying to add it to my everyday fashion. 

But now to my outfits. We had a small Lolita tea party on the 27th october, it was a Halloween tea party and I wore my Aatp "Black Cat, Witch and the apple tree" JSK again. And here are pictures of my outfit that day:
- With my sister on the left -
On the 31st october me and my boyfriend had a small halloween meet up with one of my fellow students and her boyfriend. We four went to the cinema and watched the movie "Hotel Transsilvania". It was very cute and funny. After that we went to the city, but there were no other halloween people, so we ended up drinking a bit with another fellow student. 
Next year we want to make a bigger and better Halloween party! :)

My outfit that day was not a costume, more Lolita inspired with my accessoires, bought at Claire's. My fellow student wore black clothes and added some blood. We both weren't that dark... ^^' but we had fun. Here are two pictures:

That was it for halloween this year. I hope next year will be bigger and darker. :3


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