Donnerstag, 11. Oktober 2012

New Lolita skirt: "Alice's secret key" by Baby the Stars shine bright

Dear followers,

today I received my "Alice's secret key" skirt, which I'd shown you before here (see here). On my way home I went to the post office and got my skirt in a package. 
The sender left a very cute message on the packaging of my skirt. :)
And now on to my skirt, here it is (finally unpacked):

The print is much prettier in real life, I really like all the details and the rough fabric is great. It's something different comapared to the fabrics other dresses and skirts are made off. 
Maybe it'll look better completely combinated with black, but this was just a fast try-on. I really like the skirt and the print is awesome! <3
I can't wait to wear it! :D



  1. oooh total hübsche Farbe <3
    blau steht ja nicht jedem aber ich glaub du hast da sehr gute Chancen dir keine Sorgen drum zu machen ;)

  2. Aw, dankeschön! <3
    Blau gehört auch mit zu meinen absoluten Lieblingsfarben, dafür bin ich nicht so der rosa-Typ. x'D