Freitag, 21. September 2012

Selfmade: Candy Lolita Hairclip

Hello followers,
this blog is for showing some fashion, interests and many more... in this case: handicrafts!

I'm a cosplay girl and I love to do create things by myself, also for lolita fashion. And this time I made a candy hairclip (it should fit my Miracle Candy JSK from Angelic Pretty). :)

So, enough with talking here are some pictures of what I made:

- Some of my decoration "candys" during the painting progress. -
- Glueing the "candy" on a dish made of thick paper. -
I used acrylic colors and water colors & Added some glitter and laquer. -

- I added a black bow and a hair-clip -

- And done! -

Tomorrow is a meeting from the people of our internet community "Animexx" and I hope I can wear the hairclip with the fitting outfit. I'll post some pictures if we make some.
I hope you like my hairclip, it's the first time I made such a thing and it's not perfect. But I'm satisfied with it and I hope it'll work with my planned outfit. 

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