Dienstag, 23. September 2014

Convention Talk: Connichi 2014

Hello my dear readers,

it's been such a long time since my last entry in this blog, but there was no Lolita meet up and I wasn't motivated to post my daily outfits. >_< I'm sorry, I like this blog, but sometimes I forget about it. I hope I can change that in the future. And normally during autumn and winter I wear more Lolita again, I also hope I'll have some time to visit a few meet ups again. :) And I bought some super pretty black velvet, which I want to turn into a winter lolita dress.
Anyway, in this entry I just want to show a simple daily outfit and the biggest convention in Germany - Connichi - was almost two weeks ago, so I'll write a bit about my cosplays and the convention. 

Let's talk about Connichi 2014: I was there for three days and I really enjoyed it this year! Last year it just wasn't "my convention", but this year is was awesome! Well, there were also bad moments: it was very cold on saturday and on sunday I fell down in my cosplay, ripped my knee and tights - I'm so damn clumpsy! >__< - but there were maaany great moments! <3 On friday I wore Rikka Takanashi from Chuunibyou with my boyfriend and Romy, saturday I was Ruby Rose from RWBY with an awesome group and on sunday I wore my (improved) Steam Dress Alice cosplay again.
I felt very busy during the convention: Meeting friends and new people, taking pictures, some filming, exploring the convention itself... so much to do! And I haven't met all people I wanted to. But this convention was a great experience, it felt so much bigger than the years before and I love cosplaying more than I ever did before. :) <3

Now on to some pictures:
- FR: Romy (on the right) and me as Rikka and Nibutani from Chuunibyou / Picture by Whitebutterfly -
- SA: Me as Ruby from RWBY / Pictures by OlzeAndy K. and Franky -

 - SO: Me as Steam Dress Alice from Alice Madness Returns / Pictures by Eingefangen and Falk Krönert -

I'm very excited for conventions next year, I just made a few plans and I'm happy to cosplay with some friends again. :)

But I have a question: Are you still interested in reading my cosplay/convention stuff here? Or should I keep that out of this blog?



  1. Also ich liebe deine Cosplay Posts!!! Es gibt viel zu wenige Blogger die über solche Themen schreiben, wäre echt schade wenn du das einstellst! Ansonsten kann ich nur sagen wahnsinnig tolle Cosplays, deine Umsetzungen sehen echt hochwertig aus!

    1. Vielen lieben Dank!
      Das freut mich auch ziemlich zu hören, weil ich doch auch sehr gerne über Cosplay schreibe.

  2. Uuuuh ein fuchsiges Shirt! :D
    Ich find das auch sehr hübsch, das steht dir :)
    Und ich bin immernoch hoch begeistert von deinem Ruby-Cos, ich finde es so unglaublich passend zu dir, von den Farben, das Outfit und die Waffe ist so genial geworden!

    1. Vielen Dank, Monschäri! <3
      Das freut mich einfach zu hören.