Dienstag, 28. Februar 2017

Daily Outfit: Golden dots

Hello my dearest readers,

long time no see, huh? Well, I'm stuck in working on my bachelor thesis and I rarely have time for this blog and other internet actions. But I thought about bringing more life to this blog again and I still like sharing some of my favorite daily outfits. So, here is one, which I've worn a few days ago:

Shirt: Takko Fashion
Skirt: Monki
Tights: DM
Shoes: The fabulous creepers
Necklace: Selfmade

I'm currently also thinking of how to change the style of this blog, but before I've finished my bachelor thesis (and therefore my studies) I won't have time for this. I still like this blog. I made it mostly for my Lolita Fashion things, but I don't wear Lolita that often any more, so it will be more for daily outfits and cosplay maybe. We will see...

I hope you had a good start into this week!


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