Montag, 5. Oktober 2015

Review: Kill la kill - Ryuko Matoi Jacket by Cosplaysky

Hello my dearest readers,

first of all: I changed the style of my blog a bit. I want to use is more as a blog for all my hobbies - not just Lolita - and it should be some kind of homepage for me. I also haven't worn Lolita fashion often this year, that's why there aren't that much entries in this blog for 2015. I hope I can change that again.

Today I have a new review for you: Ryuko Matoi Jacket (Kill la Kill) from
Normally I make cosplays by myself, but for Ryuko's jacket I thought of buying it, because the buyable versions looked actually very good. I've also seen good reviews from other cosplayers about Cosplaysky and so I wanted to give it a try. So, I asked Cosplaysky and I was able to chose the jacket from their store. The conversation was very friendly. They sent ou the jacket on 28th august and it arrived around 5 days later, so it was very fast.
I've worn the jacket with my cosplay during Connichi 2015 and really liked it - it fits great and the jacket was comfortable and kept me warm during the day.

Link: Kill la Kill - Ryuko Matoi Jacket
Shipped on: 28.08.2015

Receivement: 02.09.2015
Shipping time:
5 working Days (+ sunday was in between)
Shipping via: regular shipping (DHL)

User surface of the site: 5/5
The site itself is constructed user-friendly: the article pictures are very good and the structure is clear. They have pictures of their products from almost every site and well made categories. So, surfing and searching is easy on the site. For costumes they also show pictures of the original characters.
Contact: 5/5
The contact was great! It was, as I said, very friendly and the answered all of my questions and also told me, when they sent out the jacket.
Article Quality: 5/5
The quality of the jacket is awesome! I did not expect it to be this good: it's soft on the inside and made out of a thick fabric. So it keeps you perfectly warm and it's of course very comfortable. The zipper works fine and the details on the jacket are printed with a very flexible material, so it won't rip or crack. I've also worn it without a cosplay, because it's so well made and also perfect for daily outfits. And for cosplay, all details are made like in the series and it absolutly looks like Ryuko's jacket.

Conclusion: 5/5
Overall I'm very happy with this jacket! It looks like Ryuko's jacket from the series and worked well with my cosplay and it's also wearable in daily life. The quality of the jacket is awesome. So if you're looking for Ryuko's jacket I can recommend Cosplaysky for it.

- Picture of Ryuko in her jacket -
- It was well packed in two plastic bags and the package had no stains -
- First try on, after I unpacked it -
 - Pictures by FloN -
 - Picture of the backside by Cleo -
- Picture with Dantecrise as Uzu Sanageyama | Picture by FloN -

I hope my review was helpful, if you have any questions about the article, don't hesitate in asking me. And don't forget to check out Cosplaysky, if you're looking for nice costumes.

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