Donnerstag, 19. März 2015

Lolita Meet up in february

Hello my dearest readers,

sorry I'm so late with my blog entry, because last month on the 21st february we had a Lolita meet up in Oldenburg (north Germany).
I chosed a dark outfit and combined my new "Alice in Wonderland " book bag with it.

The meet up itself was great - I had the chance to see lovely Berrii again. <3 The whole group went to the Café Klinge, we ate tasty cake and talked a lot. It was so relaxing - we also had the chance to take some pictures inside. Well, I know, the location itself is not the best, but it was cold and rainy outside... so taking pictures inside was a good option. ;)
In the end we also took some group pictures outside, because inside we had no space to take a picture of the whole group.

Even though the weather wasn't on our side we had a lovely meet up and I'm so looking foward to coming meet ups! :)

And now here are some pictures:
- The whole group -

 - My outfit: -
Headdress: Selfmade + Roses by H&M
Blouse: Bodyline
JSK: Alice and the pirates
Tights & Shoes: Primark

- With Berrii -
 - My tasty cake and a tea -

- Just a selfie from that day, but I really like it -
I hope the next meet up will come soon and I hope it will be a sunny day. I would love to spent a day in Lolita in a park again. :)