Freitag, 28. November 2014

Selfmade: Red Lolita Beret

Hey my dearest readers,

today I have an entry about the last Lolita accessory I made: a beret to fit my Baroque Pipe Organ skirt. At first I wanted to buy a beret, but I found nothing in a matching color - so I decided to sew one. I bought the best matching fabric I found (it was hard, because I wasn't able to buy the exact color of the skirt): I bought 50cm cotton fabric in a local fabric store.

It was the first time for me sewing a beret and I used this tutorial by Natron & Soda (I'm sorry it's only in german). At first it looked difficult, but it was pretty easy and I'm very happy with my result. Well, it's not perfect - but I like it and it matched the skirt. :)

 - A few steps while sewing -
 - Finished beret -
 - Beret with a bow as decoration -

For the whole outfit I added a silver/black brooch onto the bow and I was wearing it last saturday on a Lolita meet up, so you'll see the whole outfit with the beret in my next entry. :)

I think I'll see a beret for some daily outfits, too. It was fun making it and I really like how it looks.
How about you? Do you like hats like this? 

I wish you all a nice friday and weekend! 


  1. Hüte sind zu Lolita immer gut, besonders jetzt im Winter. :)
    Danke, dass du auch den Link zum Tutorial eingefügt hast.

    1. Ja, im Winter sind sie wirklich super. :)
      Gerne, ich kann es ja nur empfehlen.