Mittwoch, 27. November 2013

NiCon 2013: Last convention this year

Hello my lovely readers,

today I'm writing a few words about the NiCon 2013 in Hannover (Germany), which was the last convention this year for me. First of all: it was one of my best conventions this year! I had a lot of bad moments, especially during some bigger conventions. But the NiCon - it's a small convention - showed me that cosplay is also fun and passion. :)

I finally wore my Compa costume - Compa is a character from the cute game Hyperdimension Neptunia - I planned to cosplay her already in early summer this year. But I put the costume often away and stopped working on it. But... for NiCon I finished it - It's not perfect and I have to improve a few parts - but I'm glad I finished it. <3 
I thought Hyperdimension Neptunia is unknown and I never expected someone might know the character I'm cosplaying. Though a lot of people identified me as Compa and praised my costume. That was just... amazing for me! *_* I also felt very good being Compa and walking around in that costume, I think I'll wear it again.

Besides that cosplaying I met many people and cosplay friends. Talked a lot and I also met new people. :) And my sister Hanabi was also there. I'm always happy meeting me sister, because since I've moved away I don't see her often. So it's always great spending time with her. :)
Of course we made a lot of pictures and just had a good time... aaaaand I bought a cute Alpaca! <3 It's light blue with a lilac hat, Hanabi bought an Alpaca in lilac with a light blue hat. Alpacas are sooo cute and fluffy! :)

Here are some pictures from NiCon:
- Pictures of me as Compa (Pictures by Laura von Krone and Hanabi)
- Hanabi in her gorgeous Lolita outfit -
- Hanabi and I with our Alpacas <3 -

My convention time will start again 2014 when the bookfair in Leipzig starts in march. I hope future conventions will be as great as the NiCon was. I'm motivated for new cosplays and I think I'll also wear Lolita again on conventions. :)

I wish you all a nice week!



  1. Du bist so unglaublich suess <3
    Tolles Cosplay :D

    Wuensche dir einen tollen ersten Advent^.^