Montag, 22. Juli 2013

Lolita Meet up in Braunschweig the 3rd round

Hello my lovely readers,

oh my god... my last entry was almost a month ago. >_<'' But today I finally have something Lolita-related again: On saturday I organised the 3rd Lolita meet up in Braunschweig. The weather was nice and sunny (almost a little too hot for wearing lolita), so we made a small picnic. We only had to change the park, because at first I wanted to go the Bürgerpark, but there were so many mosquitos. We decided to go to a park near the main staition, in fact there were less mosquitos. :')

Besides the mosquito attack in the beginning it was a great meet up! <3 I met my beloved friends again (I was so happy they came! *_*) and we had a great time. Everyone brought delicous food and we took some pretty pictures. :)

Here is my outfit: I went in Sailor Lolita to the meet up and decided against a wig (it was just too hot for a wig), but I tried to curl my hair... and... i failed. My hair hates curles, they never stay in it. x''D 

 Hat: Alice and the Pirates
JSK: Metamorphose
Cutsew: Metamorphose
Socks: Offbrand
Shoes: Montreal
Accessories: I am, Bijou Brigitte and offbrand

Here are two pictures of our lovely group:
- (from left to right) kueken-chan, BERRIE, Berrii, Romy, Cyehra, Mini and me (BERRIE and Mini wore more casual and less Lolita outfits) -

And now a few impressions of our picnic:
 - It was enough for everyone and veee~eery yummy! -

I'm very happy that it was such a nice meet up, I hope the next meet up will be that good again. :) If some of you might be interested, all pictures from the meet up can be seen here: --> Klick for pictures!

And now I wish you all a nice and sunny day and a great week!



  1. na das schaut ja nach spass aus :D ich sollte öfters auf die seite gucken um wegen der meet ups bescheid zu wissen >< ich bin so seltend auf mexx online :(

    1. Ja, spaßig war es auf jeden Fall. ^^
      Das war dieses Mal auch eher recht spontan, weshalb ich vergessen habe auf fb Bescheid zu geben. >_<

    Mein Monschäri~~~
    Isch habä disch getäggt ;)